• Along the barrier reef leaving Tobacco caye to Southwater caye
  • Glover's Atoll, North East caye.
  • The Silk cayes, east of Placencia
  • Zayann anchored between de coral patches.
  • We are free to explore and visit anywhere we want, Carrie Bow Cay.
  • Wonderful Rio Dulce, entrance of Guatemala.
  • El Castillo, the entrance of laguna Izabal, Guatemala.
  • Zayann in Turneffe, at the dock of the University of Belize, Calabash caye.
  • The Moho River, south of Punta Gorda, going to the chocolate paradise...
  • The Drowned caye, home of manatees and dolphins.
  • Along the barrier reef of Belize, between the coral patches.
  • Beautiful sand of the Silk cayes

Sailing on a traditional wooden boat of Belize


Zayann is a 37ft wooden sail boat, gaff rigged, built in Sarteneja by Juan Guerrero, professional shipwright of Sarteneja, designed and supervised by Edward Le Rouvre with eco-friendly innovations and material, as a multi-working boat; cargo, transport, exploration, living…

sustainableboatnewlogoUsing bio-epoxy and other eco-friendly innovations, visit sustainableboat.bluegreenbelize.com, an initiative by Edward, sailor of the Caribbean for more than 15 years, Zayann is a unique descendants of the Belizean traditional wooden shallow draft sailing boat that is so intricate in Belize maritime history: read the excellent article from Maritime Life and Traditions.


Some of the pictures from gallery.bluegreenbelize.com.

Hundreds of pictures of wooden boat building, the Sarteneja Easter Regatta, sailing on Zayann and much more… Click on the thumbnails to access the gallery (sorry for a bug with the refreshing of the thumbnail below)




 Transport Hopkins Placencia: info page and contact


Creative expeditions for video shooting to produce video clips, movies, webTV series…


ZAYANN is giving a permanent access to this astonishing environment found on Belizean water, Create original video clips, pictures and a inspired content.

The idyllic islands and sandy beaches found in Belizean water are accessible from the vessel where we live and create.

The boat, confortable, gives unique access to this environment…



Visit the experimental web page for ZAYANN, a way of life: zayann.org

 bluegreenbelize.com Tour Operator in Belize

Overnight sailing trips on the cayes (islands) surrounding Gladden Spitt, Tobacco caye, trips to Caye Caulker, adventures for adventurous people… We are free to explore the majestic barrier reef of Belize.

  • Voyage on Zayann (37ft), overnights, live, sleep and cook on board (pictures).
  • Diving expedition with a dive master for 3 days or more. Explore Belize like you never did.dive_flag.resized
  • Transport to the cayes for groups (local and international NGOs).
  • Transport of specific cargo in Belize from south Punta Gorda to north Corozal, promotion of the label: transport by sail with Traditional Sail Transport.
  • Lion fish hunting and cooking :)



Edward Le Rouvre Zayann


edbelize@gmail . com  (501) 664 88 52

Visit a new web site, videos and pictures of Zayann sailing the barrier reef, from the sky: