This is the updated collection of 3D visual creations by ED, trying to explain a system visually

Some cliparts are from (or openclipart) an online royalty free public domain clip art site.

All designs are made with Inkscape.

Inkscape is a vectorial graphic editor, open source and free software. You can download it for free and install it on many platforms. You can copy it and
share it legally with no licence, it’s perfect for schools or creative people.

All you need is available for free. All you need is your imagination.
Find more open source software on the web: , wikipedia: Free alternatives to proprietary softwares…



Positive cycle: sustainable wooden boat building of Sarteneja, BELIZE: 2008

Original idea and design from Edward M.R.

Mushrooms production from brewery waste: 2009

Designed: Edward M. R. for Romain H. from France



Methanol production form biomass

Designed from Edward M. R. for François R. from France. Unfinished.

Forest-Farm organisation: an idea

Designed: Edward M. R.


Sarteneja Map: 2011

More maps:



Here are some other works from the pictures’ gallery:

Banc Baudéan
Carré du Scarf

Study of a sea for a Belizean Traditional boat
Sarteneja Easter Regatta
Sarteneja Easter Regatta
Belizean Traditional boat somewhere else