Lionfishing Expedition

What is the Lionfishing expedition ?

We want to:

  • use the Traditional Sailing boats of Belize that is ZAYANN, for fishing expeditions… like the fishermen of Sarteneja, Chunox, Copper bank…
  • participate to the effort against the Lionfish treat on Belize’s marine life.

No fishing license required.

You must be a confirmed swimmer, and better, a free diver used to spear fishing.

We dive on patches and look for them, using a spear pole and the traditional cayuco to dispose them will diving. A be careful with venomous spines. Back to the boat we cut the spines with scissors and clean them.

We wana kill, cook and eat as many Lionfish as possible, it’s so delicious !



This poster was posted few years ago in different fishing communities like in Sarteneja…

No more REWARD like few years ago when Lionfish was scarce in Belize waters, it’s now a common fish for commercial fishing but it’s still a treat.