Blyth Road, Worksop, S81 0JF (2024)

Blyth Road is in Worksop and in Bassetlaw district.S81 0JF is located in the Worksop East electoral ward, within the EnglishParliamentary constituency of Bassetlaw. This postcode has been in usesince 1980-01-01.
StreetScan combines information about Blyth Road, Worksop, S81 0JF and displays a report on thequality oflife in this place and its surroundings.

Nearby postcodes are: S81 0HP, S81 0HR, S81 0JA, S81 0JH, S81 0HT, S81 0HY, S81 0JG, S81 0HS, S81 0JJ.

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Property Prices

Average property prices on Blyth Road are basedon 158 property sales since the beginning of 1995. Estimated property prices are calculated by adjusting the last sale price by current House PriceIndex for Bassetlaw.
StreetScan downloads house price data directly from the HM Land Registry and uses it tocreate these statistics.

Estimated Average Property Prices for S81 0JF

Estimated Average Property Prices for Blyth Road

Average Price

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Property Prices Comparison

Latest PropertySales on Blyth Road

AddressSale PriceSale DatePrice Estimate 2023
52 Blyth Road, Worksop, Nottinghamshire
Detached, an established residential building
54 Blyth Road, Worksop, Nottinghamshire
Detached, an established residential building



In the UK, the overall gender distribution is approximately 49% male and 51% female.The local area around S81 0JF is generally consistent with those figures, having a male population of 49.4%.

Number 2021Percent 2021vs 2011

Partnership Status

Across the UK, the average relationship status breakdown is roughly 47% married, 38% single, 9%divorced, 6% widowed, and 2% separated.

In the immediate area around S81 0JF there is no notable difference from the UK's average statistics.

Number 2021Percent 2021vs 2011
Married: Opposite sex14555.1%-7.9%
Civil partnership: Same sex20.8%0.8%


Across the UK, the average 47.1% rated their health as Very Good, 34% as Good, 13.3% as Fair,4.3% as Bad, and 1.3% as Very Bad.

Population age significantly impacts residents' health. Additionally, socioeconomic status playsa crucial role: higher income levels and lower poverty rates are linked to better healthoutcomes. Affluent areas benefit from higher living standards, access to private healthcare, andhealthier lifestyle choices.

Number 2021Percent 2021vs 2011
Very good health15047.8%0.1%
Good health11336%4.7%
Fair health4012.7%-2.8%
Bad health92.9%-2.0%
Very bad health20.6%-0.1%

Education and Qualifications

During the 2021 census, the educational qualifications of residents across the UK were asfollows: 18.3% had no qualifications, 9.5% had 1-4 GCSEs, 13.4% had 5 or more GCSEs and 1-2 A/ASLevels, 16.9% had 2 or more A Levels, 33.7% held a degree (or equivalent), and 5.4% hadcompleted an apprenticeship.

Number 2021Percent 2021vs 2011
No qualifications3914.9%-8.5%
1-4 GCSEs or Equivalent 228.4%-5.2%
5 or more GCSEs, an A-Level or 1-2 AS Levels3111.9%-1.7%
HNC, HND or 2+ A Levels5320.3%9.2%
Degree or Similar8733.3%4.4%


Ethnic Group

This area closely mirrors the overall ethnic composition of the UK, with 87.9% of the population identifying as white, with UK average of 82.2%.

Number 2021Percent 2021vs 2011
Other Asian00%-0.3%
Black African82.5%2.5%
Black Caribbean41.3%0.0%
Other Black31%1.0%
Mixed White and Asian51.6%0.3%
Mixed White and Caribbean123.8%2.5%

Country of Birth

In this area, 94.6% of the population were born in the United Kingdom, which is higher than the UK average of 83.4%.

Number 2021Percent 2021vs 2011
United Kingdom29794.6%2.8%
European Union72.2%-0.8%
Middle East and Asia31%-1.6%
The Americas and the Caribbean00%-2.3%

Length of Residence

Number 2021Percent 2021vs 2011
Born in the UK29794.6%3.2%
10+ Years154.8%4.1%
5-10 Years10.3%-2.3%
2-5 Years10.3%-2.0%
Less than 2 years00%-3.0%

Passport Held

Number 2021Percent 2021
United Kingdom26584.4%
Central and Western Africa10.3%
South and Eastern Africa20.6%
No passport held4113.1%


Number 2021Percent 2021vs 2011
No religion10132.2%32.2%
Not answered175.4%-18.0%


Is Blyth Road dangerous?

In 2023, 145 crimes were reportednear Blyth Road .52% of streets in the UK are more dangerous.Crime level on this street is below average.The most common type of crime wasviolence and sexual offences. Crime rate was measured within a 0.5 mile radius of S81 0JF.

Crime statistics are based on data provided by Home Office through under theOpen Government Licence.

More Crime Statistics for Blyth Road, Worksop, S81 0JF


S81 0JF area has a low unemployment rate. According to Census2021, 2%residents of this area were unemployed, while the average in the UK was 4.83%. A low level of unemployment in an area indicates a strong job market, where most people who are seeking work can find employment. This generally reflects a healthy economy in the area.

Economic Activity

Full-Time Employee89
Part-Time Employee42
Full-Time Student (with or without job)7
Looking after home or family7
Student (economically inactive)6
Long-Term Sick or disabled5

Employment Industry

Human health and social work activities24
Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motor cycles23
Public administration and defence; compulsory social security7
Financial and insurance activities6
Transport and storage5
Information and communication4
Accommodation and food service activities4
Professional, scientific and technical activities3
Real estate activities2
Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities2
Administrative and support service activities2



Ofsted Overall EffectivenessDistanceEstablishment TypeHas Nursery ClassesGenderMore Info
Sir Edmund Hillary Primary and Nursery School
Kingsway, Kilton S81 0AN
2out of 4555 ydCommunity schoolYesMixedMore About School
Norbridge Academy
Stanley Street, S81 7HX
4out of 4638 ydAcademy converterYesMixedMore About School
Prospect Hill Infant and Nursery School
Maple Drive, S81 0LR
3out of 4890 ydCommunity schoolYesMixedMore About School
Prospect Hill Junior School
Maple Drive, S81 0LR
3out of 4993 ydCommunity schoolNoMixedMore About School
Redlands Primary and Nursery School
Crown Street, S80 1TH
3out of 41,066 ydCommunity schoolYesMixedMore About School


Ofsted Overall EffectivenessDistanceEstablishment TypeHas Nursery ClassesGenderMore Info
Outwood Academy Valley
Valley Road, S81 7EN
4out of 4795 ydAcademy sponsor ledNoMixedMore About School
Outwood Academy Portland
Netherton Road, S80 2SF
4out of 42,650 ydAcademy sponsor ledNoMixedMore About School

Not applicable

Ofsted Overall EffectivenessDistanceEstablishment TypeHas Nursery ClassesGenderMore Info
The Tailor Made Programmes Team
The Behaviour Support Service, Newgate Street S80 2LW
- not rated1,898 ydMiscellaneousNot ApplicableMixedMore About School
Whitegates College
Dukeries Centre, Park Street S80 1HH
- not rated1,977 ydMiscellaneousNot ApplicableMixedMore About School
Worksop College
Cuthberts Avenue, Worksop S80 3AP
- not rated3,422 ydOther independent schoolYesMixedMore About School

School statistics for this postcode are based on Ofsted rankings.

Food and Drink

Restaurants, Cafes, Canteens

Business NameAddressFood hygiene ratingDistance
National Trust - Mr Straw's House5 Blyth Grove, Worksop92 yd
Aramark@RNN College North NottsNorth Notts College Of Further Education, Carlton Road304 yd
Kids Zone3 Albion Close, Worksop680 yd
Laser Labyrinth LtdOffices, Ratcliff And Roper (Printers) Ltd709 yd
Annies Cafe331 Carlton Road, Worksop782 yd

Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs

Business NameAddressFood hygiene ratingDistance
Ashley HotelCarlton Road, Worksop507 yd
The MallardWorksop Station, Carlton Road603 yd
The Station HotelCarlton Road, Worksop633 yd
Kilton Inn73 Kilton Road, Worksop710 yd
Stanley Street Sports & Social ClubStanley Street Social Club, Stanley Street770 yd

Takeaway, Sandwich Shops

Business NameAddressFood hygiene ratingDistance
Curry House108 Kilton Hill, Worksop568 yd
Kilton House29 Kilton Hill, Worksop677 yd
Smithy'sSmiths Cafe, 103 Anston Avenue785 yd
Jimmy's Fish & Chip Shop8 Prospect Precinct, Worksop791 yd
Pizza House16 Kilton Hill, Worksop805 yd

Supermarkets, Hypermarkets

Business NameAddressFood hygiene ratingDistance
Sainsbury'sSainsburys At Jacksons, Prospect Precinct791 yd
Aldi Foodstore LtdGateford Road, Worksop823 yd
Bolek Lolek4 Carlton Road, Worksop868 yd


Facility NameSport ObjectsDistance
North Nottinghamshire College
health and fitness suite271 yd
Sir Edmund Hillary Primary & Nursery School
grass pitches483 yd
North Notts Community Arena
health and fitness suite, indoor bowls688 yd
Norbridge Academy
grass pitches727 yd
Apple Health And Fitness Ltd (Closed)
Old Stable Block Old Stable Block Carlton Road
health and fitness suite821 yd
Worksop Leisure Centre (Closed)
Valley Road
artificial grass pitch, health and fitness suite, swimming pool837 yd
Worksop Leisure Centre
health and fitness suite, swimming pool886 yd
Outwood Academy (Valley)
artificial grass pitch, grass pitches907 yd
Aquae Sulis (Ladies Only) (Closed)
Carlton Road
health and fitness suite910 yd
Prospect Hill Junior School
grass pitches1,006 yd

This statistics are based on Active Places Data - Contains Data © Sport England


Technology Aviability

Percentage of premises that have Superfast Broadband(30Mbit/s or greater) coverage from fixed broadband100.0%
Percentage of premises that have Ultrafast Broadband(100Mbit/s or greater) coverage from fixed broadband100.0%
Percentage of premises that have Ultrafast Broadband (300Mbit/s or greater) coveragefrom fixed broadband100.0%
Percentage of premises that have coverage from a Gigabit capable service from fixedbroadband100.0%

Speed Aviability

Percentage of premises unable to receive 2Mbit/s0.0%
Percentage of premises unable to receive 5Mbit/s0.0%
Percentage of premises unable to receive 10Mbit/s0.0%
Percentage of premises unable to receive 30Mbit/s0.0%

Broadband statistics are based on Ofcom's Communications Market Report (CMR) 2022.

Blyth Road, Worksop, S81 0JF (2024)
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