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By Med Kharbach, PhD |

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Gimkit is a game-show application designed for use with learners in and out of class. Teachers can set up classes, invite students to join, and start creating and sharing game quizzes known as kits. Teachers can either choose to host a live game/kit in which case students join the play in real-time or assign kits as homework activities.

Gimkit games support both individual and team mode and boost engagement by providing students with incentives in the form of virtual money they earn for correct answers. Students can use the earned currency to buy power-ups and in-game items.

As students complete the kits, Gimkit automatically grades their submissions and provides teachers with detailed reports on the performance of both the whole class and individual students.

How to use Gimkit in class?

Gimkit, as is the case with other gamifiedlearning platforms such as Kahoot and Quizizz, can be used in various instructional activities and for various educational purposes. For instance, you can use Gimitkit as a formative assessment tool to check students understanding and gauge their learning in real-time. You can create your own quiz-style games with questions related to the lesson being taught in class.

As students provide answers, Gimkit automatically grades their responsesproviding you with valuable insights on their performance. You can also use Gimkit to create customized game shows to review or introduce new topics and concepts. This is especially a practical way to assess students prior knowledge and get them prepared for the learning ahead.

How to create classes in Gimkit?

Gimkit allows teachers to easily set up classes and invite their students to join. Using the shared link, students can create accounts in Gimkit and join your class. Setting up classes in Gimkit has a number of benefits including the ability to keep names appropriate in live games, track and save assignment progress, results for multiple completions and more. Here is how to create a class in Gimkit:

  • Login to your dashboard and click on ‘Classes’ on the left hand side and select ‘New Class’.
  • Type in the name of your class
  • Choose a colour for your class
  • Click on Create Class. Voila! Your class is now set up. Share the generated link of your class with students and let them join using their own emails.

How to create learning games (kits) in Gimkit?

Gimkit allows you to create your own kits from scratch or from a .CSV file. To get started creating your online quiz from scratch follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Gimkit account and from within your dashboardclick on New Kit
  • Provide a name for your Kit and select a language and subject
  • Select a cover image for your Kit. Premium members have the added option to upload images.
  • Add questions to your Kit. Choose the question type you like and add the correct and incorrect answers. You also have the option to insert photos and audio clips into your questions.
  • Once done click on All Done.
  • Your new quiz is now available in your dashboard where you can edit or play it.

What is Gimkit School Library

Gimkit School Library is where you can access kits created by other teachers and educators in your school. You can access School library from Gimkit Live dashboard. The kits you create will also be visible to teachers in your school unless you make them private. Also, you can change your school at any time right from the Settings tab in your account. You can ‘unenroll from your school or switch your school as needed.’

What is KitCollab?

KitCollab is a collaborative feature that enables your students or fellow teachers to contribute to your kits by submitting their own questions in real-time or asynchronously. You do have the option to approve or reject the questions but when you accept them they will instantlyshow up in your kit. Watch this video to learn more about KitCollab.

How to host a live kit in Gimkit?

Gimkit allows you to host a live kit that your students can join. To do so, head over to your dashboard and click on the kit you want to host. Click on the green play icon and choose one of the two game modes: Classic or Team Mode. In Classic mode students compete individually and in Team Mode they work together and compete in teams.

Next, copy the generated Gimkit code to share with students. They can simply go to and enter the code. Once students join the kit, you click on Start the game to begin the play.There are two interesting features provided by Gimkit Live: Read to Me and Smart Repetition.

Read to Me is a text to speech functionality which enables students to have questions and answers read outloud for them. Students can turn on/off Read to Me as they like during the game.

‘Read To Me read each question only once. If a student needs to hear the same question again, they can click the Read To Me icon on the top left.’ Watch this video to learn more about how Read to Me in Gimkit works.

As for Smart Repetition, this is a relatively new feature that enables students to have questions repeated to them during live games and assignments. Smart Repetition is student-specific meaning that ‘student A and Student B will have questions repeated depending on how they each answered the questions the first time around. Student A’s repetition lottery is tied only to Student A’s answers.’

How to assign kits as homework assignments?

Assignments, a premium feature, are kits assigned to students as homework. Assignments are especially useful in distance education and for independentstudy activities that students can work on at their own pace.

Teachers can easily create assignments from any existing kit. They simply select a kit, set a due date, outline game goals, and share the final assignment with students. Students are required to reach the cash amount the teacher sets in orderto complete the assignment. Also, assignments are graded automatically and teachers can access and view students results any time.

To create an assignment, log in to your dashboardand click on ‘Assign HW’ button next to the kit you want to assign. Alternatively, you can click on ‘Assignments’ button from the left panel and select the kit you want to assign to students. If you want to share the assignment with a class choose it from the Classes tab.

Next, select a due date and set your assignment’s Target Cash (this is the amount of virtual money students need to earn in order to finish the assignment) and click on ‘Create Assignment’. Now that your assignment is ready, you can share it using a generated link, via email, or directly to platforms such as Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.

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Gimkit reports

Gimkit provides teachers with detailed reports on students performance including the overall class performance as well as individual student performance. You can save this data in PDF format or print them out. For each game that students complete a report is generated.

Teachers can access reports of any kit by simply hovering over the ‘More’ menu next to the selected kit and choosing ‘Reports’ from the drop down menu. Reportscome with three options: student overview, general overview, and question breakdown.

How much does Gimkit cost?

Gimkit offers two plans: a basic free plan and a premium one called Gimkit Pro. The Basic plan requires a free Educator account and offers limited features. To unlock the full potential of Gimkit you need to upgrade.

Gimkit Pro offers features such as assignments, the ability to add media to your questions, unrestricted access to all game modes and more. There are two Gimkit paid subscriptions: an annually billed subscription which costs $59.88 per year and a monthly plan for $9.99 per month.

Final thoughts

In summing up, Gimkit offers an energetic twist to the traditional classroom quiz, inviting both teachers and students to engage in a dynamic educational experience that marries learning with the thrill of a game show. By enabling the creation of personalized kits and harnessing the competitive spirit through virtual currency and power-ups, it fosters engagement and reinforces learning in a playful yet purposeful manner. Its ease of integration into various learning scenarios, alongside its robust reporting features, provides educators with a versatile tool for real-time assessment and interactive teaching.

Gimkit video tutorials

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Meet Med Kharbach, PhD

Dr. Med Kharbach is an influential voice in the global educational technology landscape, with an extensive background in educational studies and a decade-long experience as a K-12 teacher. Holding a Ph.D. from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Canada, he brings a unique perspective to the educational world by integrating his profound academic knowledge with his hands-on teaching experience. Dr. Kharbach's academic pursuits encompass curriculum studies, discourse analysis, language learning/teaching, language and identity, emerging literacies, educational technology, and research methodologies. His work has been presented at numerous national and international conferences and published in various esteemed academic journals.

Gimkit - Live Game Show for the Classroom - Educators Technology (2024)


How can gimkit be used in the classroom? ›

Gimkit is a classroom game-show platform where students compete by answering questions on their electronic devices. Instead of earning points, students earn virtual currency, which they can "invest" during the game to boost their score. Games can be played live or can be assigned as independent practice.

How to get the Joe skin in gimkit? ›

Joe is an epic cosmetic which could be acquired for free by clicking on a notification or by clicking a link from Gimkit on a teacher account.

Is Gimkit free for educators? ›

It's 100% free to create and own a Gimkit account. You'll need an account to access and use Gimkit as an Educator. Student accounts are optional.

Does Gimkit practice ever end? ›

In practice mode, there are no due dates, modes, or game mechanics.

What are the benefits of Gimkit? ›

Gimkit is a great online tool for students to engage in learning, comprehending, and retaining information being presented in class. Gimkit is easy to use, free to everyone, and has a variety of fun games to offer. Gimkit could also be used as a project for middle and high school students.

How does Gimkit live work? ›

Students answer questions on their own device at their own pace. Throughout a Kit, each student will get exposure to the questions multiple times to ensure mastery. Students earn in-game cash by answering questions correctly. But be careful, an incorrect answer will cost you!

What is the rarest Gimkit skin? ›

Day One is 300 GimBucks cheaper than a regular epic gim. It was the first gim and currently is the rarest gim to obtain.

How old is Gimkit? ›

Gimkit has changed a lot since it was first released as a high school project in late October 2017. Back then, it was a simple, engaging game show for the classroom called “Gimlet.” Fast forward to 2023, and Gimkit looks a lot different. And all that progress is thanks to you!

What is hidden mode in Gimkit? ›

Hidden Mode

To start, names of students on the leaderboard are fully hidden. This really helps motivate all students, as nobody knows where they're ranking! On the student's end, their current balance is hidden.

Why is Gimkit only allowing 5 people? ›

As more players join a game, a faster and more reliable connection will be required to keep up with all the players. Because we cannot control the devices or networks used with Gimkit, we have a hard limit on how many players can join a game.

Is gimkit no longer free? ›

Is it free to create a Gimkit account? Yes! It's free to create a Gimkit account and you can use the free version of Gimkit, called Gimkit Basic, as long as you like. On Gimkit Basic, you can use free modes without any limitations and there are no restrictions on the number of kits you can create or own.

Is gimkit ok for kids? ›

It's not only fun and useful for students in the classroom, but it's also beneficial for them at home. Teachers can assign various homework challenges for students to complete outside school and the Gimkit technology provides a grade automatically! Kids can also contribute to the questions using the KitCollab feature.

Can you get banned from Gimkit? ›

Gimkit is a game for K-12 students. So, breaking these rules could mean you get permanently banned. That's a serious thing. It means you'll lose access to Gimkit, your rewards and cosmetics, all of the Maps you've made, and everything else in your account.

How do I quit Gimkit? ›

You can end a live game in most game modes by clicking the end game button in the upper right-hand corner of your host screen. In 2D games, you'll find the red End Game button with the other Game Controls. In non-2D games, look for the button that looks like a power button icon, also in the upper right-hand corner.

Can I play gimkit by yourself? ›

Gimkit is a tool that allows teachers to use a set of questions to create a game. Students participate solo or in teams to accumulate money and players with the most money win.

How do you use Gimkit as homework? ›

From your Dashboard, click the "Assign HW" button next to any Kit. You can also create an assignment from your Assignments section. If you create a new assignment in this way, you'll need to select a kit before continuing. Select the mode you'd like to use with your assignment from the mode picker and click continue.

How do you make a classroom in Gimkit? ›

Here's how to create a class inside of Gimkit!
  1. From your dashboard, click "Classes" on the left panel and then click "New Class"
  2. Enter in the name of your class.
  3. Select a color for your class.
  4. Click "Create Class" That's it! You've created a class inside of Gimkit! Updated on: 12/09/2020.
Dec 9, 2020

Is gimkit good for students? ›

It's not only fun and useful for students in the classroom, but it's also beneficial for them at home. Teachers can assign various homework challenges for students to complete outside school and the Gimkit technology provides a grade automatically!

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