Is Valued Opinions Legit or Scam? (Detailed Review + Tutorial) (2024)

Valued Opinions is a platform that claims you can earn by sharing your opinion as a member.

But is Valued Opinions legit and a real way to earn, or is it a fake scam to stay away from?

This is something you need to know before joining any survey site, as there, unfortunately, are many poor survey sites out there.

If you join the right survey sites, it is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash and have your opinion heard, but if you join the wrong sites, you can end up wasting a lot of time.

This Valued Opinions review will give you all the details about this site so you will know exactly what to expect and can easily find out if it works and if it will be worth it for you or not.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is Valued Opinions, and what does the site offer?
    • Option 1 – Valued Opinions paid surveys:
    • Option 2 – Diary studies and focus groups:
    • Option 3 – Membership levels / Badges:
  2. How do you get paid?
  3. How much money can you make?
  4. Can you use it on mobile?
  5. Who can join Valued Opinions?
  6. Can you get support?
  7. Final verdict
  8. How to join Valued Opinions?

What is Valued Opinions, and what does the site offer?

Valued Opinions is owned by Dynata Global (previously known as Research Now) which was founded in 1999.

It has been around for quite a few years now and is a reputable market research company that owns and runs several survey panels all over the world.

It is a member of several market research bodies like for example, The Marketing Research Association (MRA).

I can, therefore, already now reveal that Valued Opinions is legit, and you can really earn as a member.

That it is legit does, however, not mean it will necessarily be the right option for you. So let's take a closer look at what it offers so you can find out if you should join or not.

I have made a video that gives you an inside look of Valued Opinions so you can see exactly how it works. You can also read all the details below the video:

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Option 1 – Valued Opinions paid surveys:

Valued Opinions is a very simple site, and it is very easy to find out how to use it. It more or less only offers you to take paid surveys.

So all you have to do is to join, confirm your email address, and then you can start taking surveys and get paid for it.

To get more chances of getting surveys, it is a good idea to fill out your member profile after you join. You do this after logging into the platform.

Is Valued Opinions Legit or Scam? (Detailed Review + Tutorial) (1)

These are questions about your gender, interests, preferences, and more.

It does not take too long to fill out. Be aware that you will not earn rewards to fill out these profile questions, but it can help you to be matched with more surveys, as they will then know what kind of surveys will be relevant for you.

You can, however, also start taking surveys without filling out your profile, but you might be offered fewer.

In general, Valued Opinions offers a good number of paid surveys. In some countries, you might even be offered daily surveys. And they pay decently in relation to the time spent compared to other survey sites.

Once you have joined, you do not have to do much. You will receive email invitations when there is an available survey for you, but you can also log in and see a list of the current available surveys.

Is Valued Opinions Legit or Scam? (Detailed Review + Tutorial) (2)

So, it is a good idea to regularly check the platform itself, as you might sometimes find surveys here that have not been sent out via email.

You can right away see the estimated time it takes for a survey, the topic, and the reward, which makes it easy to decide which surveys you want to take. Just because a survey is available, you do not have to take it. It is completely up to you how many of the surveys you wish to take.

As already mentioned, it is very easy to use, and it will only take you a few minutes to figure out how to navigate the site and find potential surveys you can take.

Is Valued Opinions Legit or Scam? (Detailed Review + Tutorial) (3)

The image above shows the dashboard of Valued Opinions. As you can see, it has very few options.

The dashboard is where you see available surveys, the rewards tab is where you can request to get your rewards, the badges tab will be explained a bit later in this review, and the explore tab is just an overview with info about Valued opinions and how to use it.

Very simple and straightforward.

Option 2 – Diary studies and focus groups:

The surveys are, without a doubt, the main way to earn on Valued Opinions.

At times, you might however also be offered to participate in diary studies or focus groups.

Diary studies are where you, for example, over a period, have to fill out a bit of information about the topic the study is about every day.

Focus group interviews are group interviews where you will be discussing a certain topic.

These kinds of studies are obviously a bit more involved than taking a survey. This does, however, also mean that they will pay more.

I have participated in several focus group interviews myself, and they usually pay quite well, and it can be a fun way to share your opinion and earn some nice extra rewards.

So, if you are offered one of these two options, it is definitely worth looking into.

You will, of course, always be told the topic, the time it will take, and the reward before you say yes. So you can always decide from time to time if it will be worth it for you.

Option 3 – Membership levels / Badges:

What I have described above is what Valued Opinions offers in terms of earning opportunities.

It does, however, also have membership levels. These levels are called badges. There are five levels, Bronze for beginners, Silver, Gold, Platinum and the highest level is Diamond.

Is Valued Opinions Legit or Scam? (Detailed Review + Tutorial) (4)

There are requirements for each level, and you will get a higher membership when you have earned a certain amount. For example, to move from Bronze to Silver member, you need to earn a total of $10 (this can vary from country to country). To get the highest membership level, you need to earn a total of around $75.

The badges system has changed quite a bit since I first tested Valued Opinions. It used to be mainly to motivate yourself, and you would not get any benefits.

This has changed, and you will now get a bonus percentage of your weekly earnings depending on your membership level. The highest bonus you can get is 10%, which you will get once you qualify for the Diamond membership badge.

In my opinion, it is great they have changed it so you now get a financial bonus for being a loyal member.

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How do you get paid?

Something that is very important for any survey site, in addition to what it offers is, of course, how you will get paid.

On Valued Opinions, you earn money into your account in your local currency every time you participate and complete a survey.

You can then withdraw this money as gift cards.

Is Valued Opinions Legit or Scam? (Detailed Review + Tutorial) (5)

The exact gift cards you can get as rewards depend on the country you live in. The selection will be different for each country. Examples of gift cards are Amazon, Debenhams, TakeALot, Zalora, KFC, Flipkart, and charity donations to UNICEF.

So, in most countries, there will be some really good rewards.

At the moment, Valued Opinions does, however, not pay out through PayPal. So, if you prefer getting paid in cash, you should instead check out the list of the best PayPal survey sites.

How much you need to earn to be able to get a payout can vary from country to country. But usually, the payout threshold is between $10-$20.

So, it is not too high a payout threshold compared to some other sites.

How much money can you make?

One thing you need to know before joining any paid survey site is that it is not a way to make a full-time income or become rich.

It is a great, easy, and completely risk-free way to earn some extra money or rewards online, but you just need to do it with the right expectations.

Valued Opinions gives a good number of opportunities, so it can definitely be worth joining, and the surveys are also often interesting to participate in, in my opinion.

You just have to be aware that you will most likely not qualify for all the surveys you are offered, so sometimes, it can take a bit of patience to find the surveys you qualify for.

This is, however, the case on most survey sites, so it is just something to remember so you will not give up after not qualifying for some surveys.

If you want the chance to earn as much as possible, it can be a good idea to also join other survey sites to get more opportunities.

You can, for example, check out the list of the best survey sites in your country to find some great sites to join in combination with Valued Opinions.

Can you use it on mobile?

Is Valued Opinions Legit or Scam? (Detailed Review + Tutorial) (6)

Valued Opinions does not have an app, which would, of course, have made it very easy to use on mobile and take surveys on the go.

But you can still use it on mobile devices. As you will mostly receive survey invitations via email, you just need access to your email to click the links.

The website itself is also optimized for mobile and works well on most screens.

The surveys might not all be completely optimized for mobile, so in some cases, you might have to scroll in and out a bit. But overall, Valued Opinions gives a good experience on mobile.

Who can join Valued Opinions?

Valued Opinions is available in around 20 countries. Some of these countries are US, UK, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, India, Thailand, South Africa, Indonesia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

You can see the exact list of countries the platform is currently looking for new members in by clicking the join button at the end of this review.

If you do not live in a country where Valued Opinions is available, it can be good to know that the same company also owns Opinion World and the survey panel Opinion Outpost.

So you can check out these sites instead, then.

Can you get support?

In most cases, you do not really need support on a survey site. But in some cases, you might need help, or you might have questions.

It is, therefore, important to know that there is a support function you can get in contact with.

You can contact Valued Opinions' support through the support system on the website.

I have seen some complaints online that people have to wait a long time for an answer. However, I have been in contact with Valued Opinions several times myself, and I have mostly received a fairly quick reply.

However, since I first tested it, they have changed some things, and you cannot find an FAQ section on the website. Instead, there is a pop-up support where you can ask questions.

The problem, in my experience, is just that it is very hard to find any answers here, and very often, it just shows there are no answers, even if it is a very commonly asked question.

In my opinion, it would be way better if they made sure also to include easy access to an FAQ section. But you can at least easily see how to contact them if you have questions.

So from my experience, the support needs some work, but it is great they make it fairly easy to contact them.

Final verdict

As already mentioned, Valued Opinions is legit and NOT a scam.

However, I also know that just because a site is legit does not mean it is for everyone. Therefore, I have listed both the pros and cons of Valued Opinions below to finish this review by giving you a better overview before deciding if it is for you or not.

Is Valued Opinions Legit or Scam? (Detailed Review + Tutorial) (7)


  • Reputable company behind it
  • Member of several market research governing bodies
  • You can actually earn on the site
Is Valued Opinions Legit or Scam? (Detailed Review + Tutorial) (8)


  • You will not qualify for all surveys
  • You cannot get paid in cash
  • Support system could need some improvement

Valued Opinions does work, and it is a safe and legit way to earn rewards by sharing your opinion.

If it will be worth it for you or not depends on mainly one thing – what kind of rewards you prefer to get from survey sites.

Gift cards can, in my opinion, be as good as cash, and if you would like to earn some gift cards and live in one of the available countries, Valued Opinions is definitely worth considering. If you only want to join survey sites that pay in cash, you should join other sites instead.

How to join Valued Opinions?

If you want to join Valued Opinions, it is very easy. Just click the button below, where you can see the countries the platform is currently looking for new members in.

Then click your country, and you will then have to sign up with your email address. It only takes a total of around 2 minutes to get started.

Sign Up for Valued Opinions

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Valued Opinions yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

Is Valued Opinions Legit or Scam? (Detailed Review + Tutorial) (2024)
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