Technical note:
Welcome to our new temporary web site (powered by WordPress, once again) a a new web host server (after 20 years, back to on Debian Linux).

Please monitor and in the future (if not deactivated permanently) for additional contents.

You still can find my previous contents on social medias but I might not publish anything new on those proprietary web sites in the future:
fb: Edward Le Rouvre Zayann
Youtube: ED Belize
instagram: edzayann

Note on our Expeditions and Activities

Sailing Expeditions with bluegreenbelize on ZAYANN are on hold since March 2020.

Registrations and licensing have not been resubmitted for 2021 and we will reconsider re-conducting our operations as it was set since 2010, in the future.

We are currently working on different options. Thank you.

Please contact me for any additional information.

Edward Le Rouvre
(501) 664 8852
ed @ bluegreenbelize . com
Sarteneja Village, Corozal District
BELIZE, Central America.

The blue…

and the green:

It’s about Chaya (…) coming in 2022.

More info to come

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