Alhaitham Guide and Best Builds (2024)

Alhaitham Guide and Best Builds (1)

Alhaitham is a 5-star Dendro character from Sumeru; armed with a sword andmagical mirrors, his flexible playstyle as a main DPS role is not only fun toplay, but quite rewarding. Alhaitham utilizes a stacking mechanics with hisChisel-light Mirrors to create Dendro attacks with a high-rate of applicationin an AoE on the battlefield. He is exclusively scaled with Elemental Masteryand when paired with the proper off-fielders, he can create some devastatingcombinations. Alhaitham is one of the best users for Bloom,Burgeon and Hyperbloom teams.

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Nazeeh TarshaEN Voice Actor

Yuichiro UmeharaJP Voice Actor

Alhaitham Guide and Best Builds (3)Strengths

  • Alhaitham Guide and Best Builds (4)Fantastic On-field DPS
  • Alhaitham Guide and Best Builds (5)Great Dendro Spread
  • Alhaitham Guide and Best Builds (6)Amazing elemental trigger

Alhaitham Guide and Best Builds (7)Weaknesses

  • Alhaitham Guide and Best Builds (8)Needs a strong team to bring out his potential
  • Alhaitham Guide and Best Builds (9)Needs elemental reactions for damage


Alhaitham Main DPS Build

Alhaitham's primary method of damage is his Dendro abilities, which arebased upon stacking Mirrors ( Chisel-Light Mirror).These Mirrors convert his damage to Dendro and aregenerated a multitude of ways; these are as follows:

  • His first Ascension skill, the Four-Causal Correctionpassive (Charged Attack produces a Mirror);
  • His Universality: An Elaboration on Form talent;
  • His Particular Field: Fetters of Phenomena talent.

These will all produce Mirrors for him to amplify his damage. The build getsfun when using all these mirrors for a rapid application of Dendro. Combinedwith Hydro, this creates Dendro cores and then you can triggerthem with other elements like bombs. However, be aware that Alhaitham's EnergyRecharge requirement will need to be as high as 200% for solo Dendro teams andaround 150% for duo/triple Dendro teams.

BiS Weapon Light of Foliar Incision
Alternate Weapons
  1. Primordial Jade Cutter
  2. Mistsplitter Reforged
  3. Wolf-Fang
  4. Iron Sting
Best Artifacts
  • 4-piece Options
    1. Gilded Dreams
    2. Deepwood Memories
  • 2-piece Option #1
    • Gilded Dreams — Elemental Mastery +80
    • Deepwood Memories — Dendro DMG Bonus +15%
  • 2-piece Option #2
    • Gilded Dreams — Elemental Mastery +80
    • Wanderer's Troupe — Elemental Mastery +80
Main Stats
  • Sand Stats: Elemental Mastery
  • Goblet Stats: Dendro DMG Bonus
  • Circlet Stats: CRIT Rate or CRIT Damage
Substat Priority
  1. Elemental Mastery
  2. Energy Recharge
  3. CRIT Rate
Talent Priority
  1. Elemental Skill
  2. Normal Attack
  3. Elemental Burst

Light of Foliar Incision is the obvious choice for a 5-star weaponfor Alhaitham, not only because of its CRIT DMG increase, but also because wegain several other increases from normal attacks: CRIT Rate, Elemental Skilldamage, and Normal Attack damage. This effect holds for 28 instances or 12seconds overall. While the attack buff only lasts for 12 seconds with no way toincrease its duration, it does not have a cooldown, which means it canessentially always be active.

The 4-star option, Wolf-Fang, offers an alternative CRIT statchoice, focusing on CRIT Rate instead ofCRIT DMG. The weapon's skill itself offers a flat boost toElemental Skill and Burst Damage. It also stacks CRIT Rate for both skills, upto 4 stacks total. This weapon can also be crafted and can easily be refined toits top rank.

Lastly, a note about Alhaitham's artifacts — most of his equipmentoffers boost to his Dendro Damage and Elemental Mastery. Thesecan be split into groups of 2 or full sets, but you are mainly looking for thecombination with the best sub stats. Alhaitham does need a strong amount ofEnergy Recharge (target above 150% minimum) so you can keep hisrotations quick. Typically, his Energy Recharge requirement will also heavilydepend on his team composition, with some characters acting as a battery forhim to generate energy particles from.


Combos and How to Play Alhaitham

Alhaitham requires time on the field to generate Mirrors, which will be keyto his Dendro application for the generation of Dendro cores— essentially bombs for your team. He can be played in several different ways; from shortburst combos with a high Energy Recharge requirement to a longer combo rotationfocusing on maximizing your mirror count and uptime. Which of these two methodsyou choose will highly depend on your teammates and how much time you need torotate all their skills onto the field. Remember, Alhaitham has the advantageof being extremely flexible in his gameplay, so he can split up his field timequite easily, focusing on getting the best results out of his teammates.

As for you team, Alhaitham's DPS should always be your top priority forkeeping him buffed and constantly dishing out damage with his Dendro attacks.He typically plays with Hyperbloom orQuickbloom teams to cause elemental chaos against yourenemies. These units should also focus on strong Elemental Mastery builds toadd to your teams overall DPS. This playstyle is very fast, and with well-timedrotations — using all your characters skills — you will see sometruly powerful elemental reactions.


Alhaitham's Best Team Comps

Alhaitham is an on-field DPS with excellent attack power and mediocresurvivability. With that in mind, we will be targeting off-fielders and supportcharacters that can offer Elemental Reactions for his Dendroabilities to trigger, Damage buffers to keep Alhaitham's DPS high, and finallyhealers or shielders to keep him on the field when taking any damage.


Alhaitham Quickbloom Team

Main DPSSub DPSSupportSupport
Alhaitham Furina
  • Kuki Shinobu
  • Raiden Shogun

For this Quickbloom team, Alhaitham is our main driver forElemental reactions, fighting on-field the majority of time using his mirrors.Furina and Baizhu will combine theirelemental abilities to produce Dendro cores all around thebattlefield. To create the Hyperbloom reaction,Kuki Shinobu has an excellent kit to use or you can useRaiden Shogun for a large Electro burst totrigger the Dendro cores. Once this triple combination is out on thebattlefield, Alhaitham can use his elementalabilities to help keep the reactions going, as he fights against the enemies.


Alhaitham Aggravate Team

Main DPSSub DPSSupportSupport
Alhaitham Fischl Kaedehara Kazuha Beidou

This Aggravate build depends on leavingElectro effects on the field, while using Alhaitham's dendroattacks to trigger multiple instances of Aggravate.The fun element of this build then uses Kaedehara Kazuha topull enemies into groups with his Chihayaburu and his Kazuha Slash to combine elements for a huge boost in damage.This team does function without a healer so we use Beidou's Stormbreaker for the damagereduction boost to keep us in the fight while using food if necessary.Rotations for this build are very forgiving and the main idea is to simply keepsome Electro elements damaging enemies on the field while using Alhaitham.


Alhaitham Spread Team

Main DPSSub DPSSub DPSShielder
  • Kuki Shinobu
  • Yae Miko
  • Raiden Shogun
  • Nahida
  • Baizhu
  • Yaoyao

This team has a lot of flexible slots to play around with. The setup doeswork best with a high HP Zhongli build for shields so you canignore the majority of the enemies damage. We will have a ton of Dendroapplication on field between our Dendro flex slot andAlhaitham, as for our Electro component inthe build, this will depend on your preferred playstyle.


Alhaitham's Ascensions, Talents, and Constellations

Alhaitham AscensionsAlhaitham TalentsAlhaitham Constellations


Alhaitham Ascension Passives and Materials

UnlockAscension PassiveExplanation
With Character Law of Reductive OverdeterminationWhen Alhaitham crafts Weapon Ascension Materials, he has a 10% chanceto receive double the product.
1st Ascension Four-Causal CorrectionWhen Alhaitham's Charged or Plunging Attacks hit opponents, they willgenerate 1 Chisel-Light Mirror. This effect can be triggered once every12s.
4th Ascension Mysterious Laid BareEach point of Alhaitham's Elemental Mastery will increase the DMG dealtby Projection Attacks and Particular Field: Fetters of Phenomena by 0.1%. The maximumDMG increase this way for both these abilities is 100%.

Alhaitham requires a range of materials to ascend to the 6th ascension.Starting from the second ascension he gains additional Bonus Dendro Damage as he gains levels,giving a total of 28.8% Bonus Dendro Damage at the final ascension.The total cost to upgrade all ascensions is:

Mora420,000 Mora
Boss Material46x Pseudo-Stamens
Ascension Material
  • 1x Nagadus Emerald Sliver
  • 9x Nagadus Emerald Fragment
  • 9x Nagadus Emerald Chunk
  • 6x Nagadus Emerald Gemstone
Local Specialty168x Sand Grease Pupa
Enhancement Material
  • 18x Faded Red Satin
  • 30x Trimmed Red Silk
  • 36x Rich Red Brocade


Alhaitham's Talents

Listed below is each talent and a brief explanation of how they work.

TypeTalent NameBrief Explanation
Normal Normal Attack: Abductive ReasoningStandard normal attack dealing 5 rapid strikes. Charged attack istwo rapid sword strikes. Plunging attacks strike the ground below with anAoE Damage circle.
Elemental Skill Universality: An Elaboration on FormRushes forward, dealing Dendro DMG to nearby opponents when the rushends, causing a Chisel-Light Mirror to form. Holding this skill will cause itto behave differently, allow you to aim the rush attack.
Elemental Burst Particular Field: Fetters of PhenomenaCreates a Particular Binding Field and deals multiple instances of AoEDendro DMG. If Chisel-Light Mirrors exist when this ability is unleashed, allsuch Mirrors will be consumed and increase the number of DMG instances dealt.2s after this ability is unleashed, if 0/1/2/3 Mirrors were consumed, Alhaithamwill generate 3/2/1/0 new Mirrors in turn.

To upgrade a single talent to level 10, it costs:

Mora1,625,500 Mora
Special Material1x Crown of Insight
Boss Material6x Mirror of Mushin
Domain Material
  • 3x Teachings of Ingenuity
  • 21x Guide to Ingenuity
  • 38x Philosophies of Ingenuity
Enhancement Material
  • 6x Faded Red Satin
  • 22x Trimmed Red Silk
  • 31x Rich Red Brocade


Alhaitham's Constellations

Almost all of Alhaitham's constellations are useful and pushhim to become stronger and stronger, but he functions at C0 withoutany issues. His constellations helps to increase his DPSsignificantly, focusing on damage buffs and critical stat increases.

C1 IntuitionWhen a Projection Attack hits an opponent, Universality: An Elaborationon Form's cooldown is decreased by 1.2s. This effect can be triggered onceevery 1s.
C2 DebateWhen Alhaitham generates a Chisel-Light Mirror, his Elemental Masterywill be increased by 50 for 8 seconds, max 4 stacks. Each stack's durationis counted independently. This effect can be triggered even when themaximum number of Chisel-Light Mirrors has been reached.
C3 Negation
  • Increases the Level of Universality: An Elaboration on Form by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C4 Elucidation

When Particular Field: Fetters of Phenomena isunleashed, the following effects will become active based on the numberof Chisel-Light Mirrors consumed and created this time around.

  • Each Mirror consumed will increase the Elemental Mastery of all other nearby partymembers by 30 for 15s.
  • Each Mirror generated will grant Alhaitham a 10% Dendro DMG Bonus for15s.

The pre-existing duration of the aforementioned effects will be cleared ifyou use Particular Field: Fetters of Phenomena again while they are ineffect.

C5 Sagacity
  • Increases the Level of Particular Field: Fetters of Phenomena by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C6 Structuration

Alhaitham gains the following effects.

  • 2 seconds after Particular Field: Fetters of Phenomena is unleashed,he will generate 3 Chisel-Light Mirrors regardless of the number ofmirrors consumed.
  • If Alhaitham generates Chisel-Light Mirrors when their numbers havealready maxed out, his CRIT Rate andCRIT DMG will increase by 10% and 70% respectively for6s. If this effect is triggered again during its initial duration, theduration remaining will be increased by 6s.



  • 04 Feb. 2024: Added Quick Bloom Team.
  • 24 Jan. 2024: Fixed title of Hypercarry team section, which had been mistakenly renamed to Hyperbloom during a mass edit of our team comp titles.
  • 29 Nov. 2023: Guide added.

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